3 Types Of Wearable Technology You Can Use With Your Phone

Supercharge your phone with wearable tech.

Today's smartphones do more than ever before. And with the advent of wearable technology, we're able to extend their capabilities even further. Wearable tech includes a huge range of devices that interact with our smartphones to help us stay connected in new, exciting ways. If you're interested in pairing your Net10 phone with wearables, here are three great ways to get started.

A man wearing a smartwatch


An upgrade from your average wristwatch, a smartwatch offers ultimate efficiency and convenience. Smartwatches sync with your phone to receive text messages and other notifications, keeping you connected at a glance. These wearables also provide access to a spectrum of apps, from entertainment to health tracking. Manage your diet and exercise with the Lifesum app (iOS, Android), or use Google Keep (iOS, Android) to boost productivity and organization.

Fitness Trackers

Though smartwatches often have some health and fitness capabilities, fitness trackers deliver more comprehensive features. Fitness trackers can provide an array of health data to you via smartphone apps, including your heart rate, activity, and sleep patterns. You can use GPS to track your runs or check your data to evaluate your workouts. Trackers' associated wearable apps also provide a gateway to online fitness communities where you can share your stats or join challenges with other users.

Virtual Reality

Woman wearing virtual reality headset

VR devices take the digital experience closer to reality.

By transforming digital entertainment from ordinary to immersive, virtual reality (VR) wearable tech takes the digital experience closer to reality. Once you've paired your smartphone with a VR device, you can watch Netflix with Netflix VR (Android) and feel like you’re in the production you’re watching. Explore the world in VR with Google Earth (iOS, Android), and discover new VR adventures with the Cardboard app (iOS, Android).

Your phone, your choice

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