5 Tips And Tricks For Taking The Best Selfie

You’ll be a pro in no time with easy selfie tips from Net10.

Many of us take selfies, but we don’t always love the results. Today’s smartphone cameras capture ultra-clear pictures, and photo editing apps can smooth away imperfections, yet even with these advantages your selfies may still fall flat. To achieve great shots every time, check out five easy tips from Net10 to up your selfie game.

Young man taking selfie

1. Use proper lighting

Without proper lighting, taking a pleasing photo can be difficult. Take advantage of natural light by taking selfies near a window or outside, and avoid harsh overhead lighting, which can create an unnatural look. It’s also important to keep an eye on shadows, which can obscure your face. When lighting is scarce, a smartphone with a front-facing flash can brighten things up.

2. Play with angles

Camera positioning can make all the difference between a striking shot and an unflattering photo. Play with angles and see what works best for you. A selfie stick can be a great tool to extend your selfie capabilities, giving you access to all new angles and avoiding awkward close-ups.

3. Be aware of composition

Keep the composition of the photo in mind as you take your selfie. How are you positioned in relation to objects around you? Being in the center of a selfie can look awkward, so try experimenting with the rule of thirds to get the composition just right. To use this rule, first imagine that your photo is broken into three equal parts, both horizontally and vertically, creating a grid. Placing objects of interest on the intersections of this grid helps balance out your photo.

4. Check your background

Have you ever taken the perfect selfie, only to have it ruined by someone photobombing in the background? Scope out your surroundings ahead of time to make sure there are no unwanted distractions. As a bonus, this will let you choose an attractive backdrop to help your selfie stand out.

5. Practice makes perfect

Give yourself time to take a lot of pictures.

If you really want to master the selfie, you’ll need lots of practice. Give yourself time to take a lot of pictures, and experiment with the way you hold the camera and set up a shot. If you keep practicing with these tips and tricks, you’ll soon reach selfie perfection.

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