Why Americans are Cutting the Cord With Traditional Service Providers

Across the country, people are breaking up with traditional, long-term contracts.

Americans are fed up with the high prices and endless fees and taxes of traditional cable, satellite, and wireless carriers. Maybe you’re paying too much for an already pricey cellphone contract that goes up every month, or handing over massive amounts of money for a programming package that gives you the one station you actually want – along with 40 other channels you don’t. But there are ways to scale back your cable and wireless bills while still getting the channels, data, and services you need. Welcome to the cord-cutting revolution.

Bye-bye traditional cable

Join the movement, and kick your service provider to the curb.

Annual rate hikes for traditional cable and satellite companies have become the norm. And even when cable companies hold down the prices they promote in advertising, they still tack on hidden fees that raise your cable bill each month. What gives?

Join the movement, and kick your service provider to the curb. It’s easy to source TV programming elsewhere. Between Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO Now, and dozens of other streaming services, cutting the cord with your cable or satellite provider has never been easier.

Man holding his wallet and counting money in front of a laptop screen.

Ditch your carrier

In addition to severing ties with their cable or satellite TV plans, many people have also made the switch from a traditional wireless carrier to a mobile virtual network operator, like Net10 Wireless. Instead of building their own networks, mobile virtual network operators buy airtime from other carriers and pass the savings on to you. It’s just one reason that people are saying goodbye to traditional wireless carriers.

Many cord-cutters are also unhappy being tied down to a contract, including the hidden fees that go with it. Instead, they enjoy the same networks and service they’ve always had, but without the added costs that the big carriers charge.

Cut the cord

Want to join the cord-cutting revolution? Pick out a new device from Net10 or bring your own phone, and experience the same service for less than you pay with the other guys.