Avoid Holiday Crowds With These Convenient Mobile Shopping Apps

Smartphone apps deliver an irresistibly convenient alternative to the bustling shopping mall. Here are a few of our favorites.

Quick answer: Four essential holiday shopping apps include ShopSavvy, Paribus, Slickdeals, and Amazon.

The holiday season is an exciting time that’s jam-packed with fun family celebrations and all sorts of gifts. But this comes hand-in-hand with a host of gift shopping trips, which can be considerably more stressful – especially as the holidays near. Fortunately, there are plenty of smartphone shopping apps that can make your Christmas simple. Here are four mobile shopping apps that we use to outdo Santa from the comfort of home.

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One of the most challenging parts of Christmas shopping is ensuring you’re getting the best deal. The stress of the holiday season might drive you to grab an item in-store the moment you find it, but the odds are good that you can find it elsewhere at a lower price. That’s where ShopSavvy enters the picture. This convenient app collects online and in-store deals in more than 400 categories of items, so you’ll always know where to find the lowest price. Find ShopSavvy on the App Store and Google Play.


Paribus connects to your email to track all your online purchases.

Online shopping is convenient, but keeping track of each receipt and shipping notification in a crowded inbox can cause confusion. Paribus solves this problem by connecting to your email to track all of your online purchases, determining when the item in question will arrive and if there's a price drop. That way, you'll know exactly when to expect incoming gifts and may even find a little extra money in your gifting budget. Find Paribus on the App Store.


Slickdeals is a massive deal-sharing community. Deals are added to the app by community members, and those that receive more votes and comments make it to the Popular Deals page, where you can browse dozens of the biggest deals on the web. For a more personalized experience, Slickdeals also lets you browse deals by category and set up custom alerts for deals involving certain keywords, stores, and categories. Find Slickdeals on the App Store and Google Play.


There’s a good chance you’ve already used Amazon thanks to its universal popularity. But if you haven’t downloaded the smartphone app, there’s no better time than the holidays. Amazon allows you to sort through its seemingly endless selection of products whether you’re at home or on the go, and it’s sure to come in handy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when Amazon tends to have an array of deep discounts. Find Amazon on the App Store and Google Play.

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