Become a Trendsetter With Net10

The Williams bought a yellow lab so you followed suit with a poodle and it ate all of your favorite shoes. You got the same sports car the Smiths got and it broke down on the side of the highway. It’s time for the Joneses to start keeping up with you. Fear not, you’ll be the new trend-setter on the block in no time at all.

Be the Smart Family on the Block

Want to reduce your phone bill, get the same service on the same carriers, and still be able to have any phone you’d like? If you answered “Yes,” it’s time to make the change to NET10! Here’s why:

Flexible Plans

​Are you an individual? A couple? A family of four? We have the perfect plan for you no matter who’s in your household. Pay by the month or as you go, but never, ever pay more than the minutes and data you use. It’s just $50/month for domestic unlimited or $65/month for international unlimited. And you’ll never have to sign a contract.


We've partnered with the country's top carriers to bring you the network coverage you need. The only difference is the cost– you pay less with Net10 because we don't pay to build or maintain all those towers. So you get the same dependable coverage for half the cost.

Bright phone screen against blue background


Buy one of our Android NET10 Wireless Phones or bring your own and use a NET10 SIM. Either way, use the phone you choose and start calling, texting, surfing, and saving!

Are you sold? Good. Now spread the word to the Williams, the Jones and the Smiths. Feels good to be the trend-setter, doesn’t it?