3 Reasons You Should Use A Stylus With Your Phone Or Tablet

From comfort to precision, there are many benefits to using a stylus with your device.

Styluses were once essential when it came to touchscreen electronics. But modern updates have created convenient mobile displays that respond to the simple tap of a finger, rendering phones with styluses much less common than they were when mobile devices were first on the rise. Even still, however, there are lots of reasons to use a stylus with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Quick answer: Using a stylus with your smartphone or tablet offers a variety of benefits, including greater precision, comfort, and the ability to take notes.

Hand tapping a tablet with a stylus

A precise touch

Stylus points are much smaller than fingertips, which makes it easier to tap tiny icons.

Tapping away at your smartphone with your fingertips is pretty convenient – but stylus points are much smaller than the average fingertip, which should make it considerably easier to tap even the tiniest icons. This will come in handy when precision counts, like when you’re playing a mobile game or editing a small detail in a photo.

Jot it down

You might find it easier to use a stylus if you use your mobile device or tablet to take notes. Need to create a shopping list? Whip out your phone, grab your stylus, and scribble down everything you need. If you’re in class or a meeting, taking your notes on paper has its benefits, but paper can get damaged or lost. Digital notes, on the other hand, are always available on your device, and you can back them up to a cloud service for easy access from other devices.

Avoid chilly fingers

If you live in a place where temperatures drop during the winter, you probably understand just how difficult it can be to use your phone or tablet outdoors in the cold. Gloves that work with smartphone screens aren’t always reliable and can make it difficult to text or email. With a stylus, however, you can tap your tablet screen and wear warm, cozy gloves at the same time.

Stylus-enabled devices

Think you’re ready to work a stylus into your daily routine? Nearly all of today’s most popular devices – including the iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPhone X, and most tablets – feature capacitive touchscreens, which are compatible with virtually any capacitive stylus.

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