Three eBook Reading Apps For Mobile Bookworms

Build a virtual library and bring your favorite titles on every trip with help from these must-have apps.

Whether you're lounging at home or riding the bus to work, ebooks offer an easy way to stay entertained and informed. You might assume that eReaders are required to take advantage of all digital books have to offer, but that's simply not the case. Below we'll explore a few of the most popular eReading apps, so you can dive into the world of ebooks with your smartphone.

Quick answer: Popular eReading apps include Amazon Kindle, Overdrive, and Nook. Kindle and Nook offer both paid and free content, while Overdrive lets you access library collections.

Woman reading on her smartphone

Amazon Kindle

Kindle lets users explore Amazon’s huge variety of digital books. For your convenience, the app lets you sample titles before you buy them. If you have the Kindle app on multiple devices, you can log into your account on another phone, computer, or tablet and pick up where you last left off. The app even offers Kindle Unlimited, where you pay a monthly fee for access to more than 1 million ebooks, as well as thousands of audiobooks. Amazon Kindle is available on Android and iOS.


Overdrive offers access to the ebooks, audiobooks, and other types of content available from your local library. You’ll have to be a library member, but after you sign up, you can discover the library’s content from the comfort of your own home. The best part? You’ll never have to worry about late fees, because your titles are returned automatically on their due date. Overdrive is available on Android and iOS.


Nook lets you customize important settings to create the perfect reading experience.

Offered by Barnes & Noble, the well-known book retailer, Nook offers many of the same benefits as Kindle and other similar apps. That means you can access a huge selection of books, magazines, comics, and much more with just a few simple taps. As an added bonus, the app offers access to many books for free. Just like most popular eReading apps, Nook lets you customize font size, font style, and other important settings, so you can create the perfect reading experience. Nook is available on Android and iOS.

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