Stuck With A Cracked Screen? Here Are Your Options

Phone screens crack – that’s just life. Fortunately, there are plenty of screen repair options out there.

Quick answer: When it comes to replacing a cracked cell phone screen, you typically have three options: make a claim through Net10’s Easy Exchange Plus program, contact the manufacturer, or bring it to a repair shop.

Over the years, the average cell phone has seen its fair share of changes. The devices started out big, got smaller, and now, they’re going up in size once again. However, big phones often come with large, vibrant screens made of glass, which have an increased chance of breaking. Fortunately, there are several ways to get your screen repaired.

iPhone with cracked screen

Easy Exchange PLUS

Easy Exchange PLUS is simple – just file a claim when you’ve cracked your screen.

Not unlike manufacturer protection plans, Easy Exchange PLUS is Net10’s convenient phone protection program. The system is simple: purchase coverage within 40 days of your initial activation, choose between manageable monthly and annual payments, and file a claim when you’ve cracked your screen – there’s no receipt required. We’ll even cover shipping costs.

If you’ve got questions about your plan, there’s no need to worry – our 24/7/364 support center makes it easy to get the answers you need when you need them the most.

Manufacturer protection plans

Nearly every new phone comes with a manufacturer warranty that will help you get your hands on a replacement if any issues appear. But there’s a catch – these warranties rarely cover accidental damage, which is almost always the cause of a cracked screen. That’s where protection plans come into play.

Most phone manufacturers offer their own protection plans to complement standard warranties. These are usually paid for with yearly or monthly fees, and they cover all sorts of damage – accidents included. Once you’ve cracked your screen, you can begin the process by filing a claim. Within a few weeks, your phone will be back in your hands and ready for action.

Repair shops

If you haven’t purchased a protection plan through Net10 or your manufacturer, visiting a local cracked screen repair shop is another option. These shops range in quality, so look through reviews and do your research before selecting a store.

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Whether you’ve purchased a Net10 phone or you’re bringing your own device along for the ride, make sure your phone is protected with Easy Exchange PLUS. And don’t forget to browse Net10 service plans to select a mobile experience that meets your demands.