Five Minutes With Net10 Fan Pedro

Net10 customer Pedro caught our eye on Twitter when he mentioned he was using Net10 as a student visiting the U.S. from Chile. We had to hear his story! So we asked him to sit down with us (virtually) and do an interview with Hope, our Net10 community manager.

NET10: What attracted you to Net10?

Pedro: I moved from Santiago, Chile, to Charleston, South Carolina, for a few months as a student of Civil Engineering and Computer Science. I was looking for an easy, affordable phone to use while in the U.S. and landed upon Net10.


NET10: Why did you choose Net10?

Pedro: A Chilean friend living in California recommended it to me when I got here to Charleston. At first, I went to the closest Dollar General store and got a cheap phone with a $50 Unlimited Airtime Card. But then I found out that I could use my own smartphone from Chile with a Net10 SIM card from the U.S.! So much better.

NET10: So what did you think?

Pedro: The activation process was incredibly easy, I could even choose my native language and be walked through step by step to get my new phone ready to use in less than 10 minutes. When I changed to my own phone, I just created an account in the Net10 website, activated my own SIM card, and added airtime using my debit card. I did everything from my web browser at my place.

Mini globe with phone, dollar bills and headphones.

NET10: It looks like you travel often. How does your Net10 cell phone come in handy while you’re on the go?

Pedro: Using the unlimited airtime card is extremely handy when visiting new places. I can get in touch with my family and friends anywhere, get recommendations on places to visit, and share my thoughts and experiences without being worried about my minutes.

NET10: Who do you talk or text most with on your Net10 phone?

Pedro: Mostly my American friend Keith. We used to talk over Viber or Skype when I was in Santiago, Chile, and now it’s just a regular phone call or text. Simpler and easier.

NET10: Would you recommend Net10 to a friend who is considering a prepaid mobile service?

Pedro: Definitely! It’s incredibly easy to get a phone or use your own phone being a foreign visitor. No contracts, no signs, no paperwork, no fees! This is the panacea of mobile networks.

NET10: Panacea? Nice word, we’ll have to start using that. Anything else you’d like to add?

Pedro: The language options Net10 offers made everything easier for me and my friends. And with the wonderful customer service you have online, especially through Twitter, all of my questions were answered within a reasonable time.

Wanna find out more about Pedro’s adventures in Charleston? Follow him at @wachnuei. If you have a Net10 story to share, let us know @NET10_Wireless.