How LED Technology is Changing Smartphones

The differences between LCD vs. LED revolve around power, design, and cost.

While perusing the specs of the newest smartphones from Net10, you may have noticed two different display options: LCD and LED. The main difference comes down to the backlight, which an LCD is built on, while an LED screen is built using pixels and produces light directly. Other differences include design (LED is thinner and weighs less) and cost (LCD is more affordable). Read on for more information.

Brightly colored phone screen against dark background

Get into the nitty-gritty of your smartphone display

You've probably heard of LCD (liquid-crystal display) technology, as it has dominated the TV market for nearly two decades. However, you may not know how this technology affects the quality of your smartphone display.

The downside to LCD screens is that the backlight draws a substantial amount of power.

An LCD is built on a backlight. The white light, which shines constantly when the display is on, gets manipulated by a series of filters. As a result, you see an image on your screen. The downside to LCD screens is that the backlight draws a substantial amount of power, so you may find yourself needing to recharge often if you're spending significant time on your phone. It is also one of the heavier options out there.

To solve the issues with LCD, phone brands have started to incorporate LED (light-emitting diode) screens into their smartphones, as seen in the OLED screen of the iPhone X and AMOLED display of the Samsung Galaxy S9. Instead of using a backlight, LED displays have pixels, each of which contains organic material that emits light when activated. In other words, each pixel produces light directly.

Advantages of LED

Besides reducing battery drain, LED screens allow the entire phone to be thinner. Without the presence of a backlight, which takes up a lot of space in phones equipped with LCD screens, the extra space can be used to reduce the phone’s overall size or add in a bigger battery. Additionally, LED displays are much more vibrant than LCD options. That means deeper blacks, brighter whites, and a higher contrast ratio that all translate to more vibrant images when viewing photos, videos, and apps.

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