How To Give Your Phone A Good Spring Cleaning

Get rid of those unnecessary files taking up space on your device.

Throughout the year, phones accumulate a lot of clutter. From apps you never use to photos and other files, these things start to add up and eat away at your storage. Too much of this clutter can actually slow your phone down. So every once in a while, it’s a good idea to go through and give your device a good deep clean. Since it’s spring cleaning season, what better time than now? If you're ready to clean up your phone, Net10 tells you how below.

Hand pressing a cell phone

Get rid of apps you no longer use

Home screen looking a little crowded? Chances are, you don’t actually use all of the apps you have on your phone. If you’re like most people, you use the same ones all the time and the rest sit unopened. So take a minute to review and delete the apps you no longer need. Think games you don’t play anymore, fitness apps you tried but didn’t like, and all those apps you think you might use eventually, but probably never will. Not only will your home screen look neater, but you’ll free up lots of storage space to use on better things.

Delete unwanted photos

New smartphones have the ability to take exceptional photos, so it comes as no surprise if your camera roll has thousands of pictures. However, just like apps, photos take up storage and having too many of them can start to slow down your phone. Go through your album and decide which ones you want to get rid of. You probably don’t need 20 versions of the same selfie or all those old screenshots you haven't looked at in months. If you really want to clean out your phone, back up your photos to the cloud or another photo storage system before emptying out the entire album.

Clean up your files

If you take notes on your phone, scroll through them all and send unneeded items to the trash. Grocery list from last year? Delete. Completed to-do list? Say goodbye. If you have other files on your phone, such as work documents or school papers, go through them as well. Again, you can always back them up to the cloud if there’s a chance you might need them someday.

And finally, clean up your inbox. We all know someone who has 1,000+ emails waiting to be read. Bite the bullet and purge your inbox of everything you don’t want or need. This is also a great time to unsubscribe from mailing lists you're not interested in to beat the clutter before it builds up again.

Start fresh

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