How To Go Live On Your Smartphone

Woman going live in subway
The Net10 beginner’s guide to livestreaming.

Everyone’s going live these days, and you’ll want to get in on the action! Livestreaming allows you to connect with friends, family and followers in real-time video. If you haven’t already, start watching other people’s livestreams to get a better sense of what this feature is all about. All you really need to get started is your smartphone and at least one of the following apps.


In the app, tap the camera icon at the top left corner of the screen, then Live > Go Live (camera access and microphone access must be enabled). Want a friend to go live with you from their phone? Tap the smiley face icon and send an invite to them.

During your livestream, you can see how many viewers are watching you. Viewers can also send hearts and leave comments. You can also turn off commenting if you want. There are some other cool features to explore, too. When you’re done going live, just tap End. You’ll have the option to Save the live video to your phone’s camera roll or add it to your Instagram story.


Open the app. From your newsfeed, you should see a camera icon near the top left corner. Click on it and enable access. It’ll give you several different options, such as Normal, Video, and Boomerang, but you’ll want to tap on Live. Then, tap Start Live Video to start broadcasting to family and friends. You can also tag friends, set your location, add filters and drawings, and more. Viewers can comment and interact with you in real time. Simply tap Finish when you’re done and save the video to your camera roll if you want to keep it.

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For beginners, Instagram Live and Facebook Live are probably the easiest places to start. But there are lots of other apps where you can livestream, too, like YouTube, Twitch, and Periscope. And you can do all this right from your Net10 smartphone.

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