How To Store Passwords And Account Info On Your Phone

Have you grown weary of complex password resets? You’ll never have to remember passwords again with these solutions.

From your electronic banking account to the tenth rewards card you signed up for this year, it seems like everything these days requires a password. And while you know you’re not supposed to use the same password for everything, it’s just so hard to remember each and every password for the myriad of individual websites and services. If you’re one of millions of Americans who are fed up with having to keep track of overly complicated passwords, you’re in luck. Below, we offer a few solutions that let you store passwords with ease.

Person shows phone’s secure lock screen

iOS password manager

Many devices have password managers built in – like the iPhone. On iOS, the password manager is secured by either Touch ID or Face ID depending on your device. To access your saved passwords or add new ones, tap Settings, select Passwords & Accounts and press Website & App Passwords. There, you can see all your saved accounts and passwords and add new ones. It’s that easy.

Chrome stored passwords

You won’t have to worry about losing your passwords ever again.

Whether you have an Android or iOS device, if you use Google Chrome, you won’t have to worry about losing your passwords ever again. By default, Chrome will save your passwords any time you enter them on a site. You can see your Chrome stored passwords by going to Settings, then Passwords directly in the browser. From that menu, you can also add, delete, and export passwords.


Tired of frustrating password resets? LastPass has the solution. Available on Google Play and the App Store, LastPass is a free password manager app that encrypts and stores passwords, as well as other personal information, in a secure vault. By just inputting your LastPass master password, the app will automatically fill logins for you. One password – virtually unlimited logins. That means you’ll never have to remember passwords for your phone again.

Sticky Password

From the team behind AVG Antivirus comes Sticky Password. This password manager and form-filler is free to use, although it does offer paid premium features, like Cloud sync and secure password sharing, that might be worth the added cost. Have greater peace of mind knowing that your passwords are stored and encrypted using AES-256, the international encryption standard. In addition to storing passwords, Sticky Password will also generate new, unique passwords when necessary.

Love your phone

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