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Young man taking selfie

5 Tips And Tricks For Taking The Best Selfie

You’ll be a pro in no time with easy selfie tips from Net10.

Many of us take selfies, but we don’t always love the results. Today’s smartphone cameras capture ultra-clear pictures, and photo editing apps can smooth away imperfections, yet e...

Friends holding smartphones laughing together

Best New Apps For Staying In Touch This Year

These apps make it easy to connect with friends and family in 2019.

If you’re looking for new ways to stay in touch with your friends and family this year, Net10 has you covered. While you can still expect the usual crowd – Facebook, Twitter,...

Woman using a smartphone in bed

Here’s Why (And How) You Should Avoid Using Your Phone Before Bed

Here at Net10, we get it – you love your phone. But using it before bedtime may not be the best idea.

“Should I use my phone before bed?”

This question has become common as mobile phones have earned a more important place in our everyday l...

Woman shopping on tablet at home during holiday season

Avoid Holiday Crowds With These Convenient Mobile Shopping Apps

Smartphone apps deliver an irresistibly convenient alternative to the bustling shopping mall. Here are a few of our favorites.

Quick answer: Four essential holiday shopping apps include ShopSavvy, Paribus, Slickdeals, and Amazon.

The holiday sea...

Woman reading on her smartphone

Three eBook Reading Apps For Mobile Bookworms

Build a virtual library and bring your favorite titles on every trip with help from these must-have apps.

Whether you're lounging at home or riding the bus to work, ebooks offer an easy way to stay entertained and informed. You might assume that ...

Phone speaker in the great outdoors

Pair Your Device to a Phone Speaker to Liven Up the Party

Mobile speakers are perfect for backyard BBQs, beachside fiestas, and other outdoor occasions.

Quick Answers: To find the best phone speaker, consider how and where you'll use it and choose accordingly, from a waterproof speaker for the beach to ...

Picture of father and daughter smiling together

5 Photo Editing Apps to Make the Perfect Father's Day Gift

If you need a Father’s Day gift, edit, print, and frame a picture using these tips.

Mobile phone cameras are no longer just a bonus feature – they’re powerful, essential tools that capture those special moments with the most important peo...