Make The Most Of The Movies With These Apps

Movie watching just got better with help from your phone.

There's something special about the movie theater experience, from the crowds of people to the salty popcorn. Not to mention the immersive surround sound and huge, high-definition screens. And with a little help from your Net10 smartphone, you can make the big screen even better. From skipping the lines to getting great ticket deals, these apps help you truly get the most out of your next trip to the movies.

Movie theater

Buying your tickets

Smartphones make purchasing a movie ticket easier than ever. Apps like AMC Theaters (iOS, Android) and Atom Tickets (iOS, Android) allow you to easily browse theaters, listings, and show times. Purchase tickets ahead of time with both apps to avoid long lines and ensure you get the seats you want. To help plan your outing, Sinemia (iOS, Android) offers a unique feature that allows you to compare show times for multiple movies and theaters.



Many movie theater apps help you get the most out of concessions.

Where there's a movie, there's popcorn. Many movie theater apps help you get the most out of your concessions. Use your AMC Theater or Regal Cinemas (iOS, Android) app to earn rewards, like free refills. At participating theaters, you can pre-order your concessions with Atom Tickets and even customize how much butter you get on your popcorn!

Subscription-based plans

If you're a regular moviegoer, then you may benefit from using a movie ticket subscription app. MoviePass (iOS, Android) was one of the first movie theater subscription services that paved the way for others. It's since added some restrictions to its plan, but is still a worthy app to check out if a night at the movies is a frequent part of your schedule. Similar subscription services include AMC Stubs A-list, which you can access through the AMC Theater app, and Sinemia.

The power of your phone

Your smartphone can be a powerful tool in making entertainment easier. Elevate that experience by choosing nationwide coverage on one of America's largest and most dependable 4G LTE networks with Net10 – just check out our service plans and pick the one that's right for you. You can bring your own phone or choose from a selection of the latest devices to get everything you love about your current network for less.