Manage Your Phone’s Data With Cloud Storage Apps

Eliminate low-storage headaches with the right online tools.

You’re in the middle of taking a photo or downloading a new app when it happens — the dreaded “Not Enough Storage” notification appears. You’re forced to delete photos, videos, or music to make room. And once you do, the files are gone forever.

Fortunately, smartphone users have another option: cloud storage. Thanks to cloud storage apps, you can back up your phone, create more storage space, and keep all your files without worry. Here, Net10 provides an overview of using the cloud on your phone to help you get started.

Finger hovering over a cloud app icon on smartphone screen

What is the cloud?

Our phones come with a limited amount of storage. And while you can expand it with memory cards, limitations still apply. This is where the cloud comes in.

Cloud storage holds your data in a remote server, granting you a much larger storage capacity without changing phones or buying memory cards. With a simple internet connection via one of Net10's service plans, all your data is accessible to you in seconds. And if you should ever experience the misfortune of a broken, lost, or stolen phone, the cloud serves as a great backup.

Evaluate your storage

Get rid of anything you don’t need to free up valuable storage space.

To determine how much cloud storage you need and which app is right for you, you’ll first want to evaluate your current storage situation. What types of files are eating up your storage? Do you have a lot of duplicate pictures, or do you download apps that don’t get used? Get rid of anything you don’t need to free up valuable storage space.

When the decluttering is complete, you’ll have a more accurate idea of how much storage you actually require. This is important, because while convenient, cloud storage isn’t often unlimited. Most cloud storage providers offer a limited amount of space at no cost to you. Once you’ve used it, however, you’ll have to pay to get more. You’ll want to make sure you’re maximizing your storage to get the most out of it and avoid waste.

Picking the right app

Armed with this knowledge, it’s time to pick a cloud storage app. There are plenty of cloud storage apps to choose from with a wide range of advantages. Consider a photo-centered app, like Google Photos (iOS, Android), which offers unlimited photo and video backups for free. iPhone users can get a little of everything by expanding iCloud coverage. For more options, check out these other popular cloud storage apps to find the best choice for your needs:

Switch to the right network

After selecting the right cloud storage app, choose the wireless carrier that works with your phone and save with Net10. Bring your own phone and enjoy nationwide 4G LTE coverage on your choice of America’s top 4 networks, and be rewarded for picking wireless savings without compromise with Net10 Rewards.