Woman holding smartphone with screen notch

A History Of Smartphone Screens And How Modern Displays Came To Light

Phones screens have come a long way since the 90s. Learn about their evolution and how to pick a screen that’s right for you.

Over the past 20 years, cell phones have evolved from simple devices made for mobile calling to smartphones that serve...

Person using calendar app on smartphone

Ring In The New Year With The Best Calendar Apps For 2019

Make sure 2019 gets off on the right foot. Use a calendar app to help organize your life.

Cheers to the New Year and the new you. If you’re like many Americans, you likely started making your New Year’s resolutions while the holiday spirit ...

Woman using a smartphone in bed

Here’s Why (And How) You Should Avoid Using Your Phone Before Bed

Here at Net10, we get it – you love your phone. But using it before bedtime may not be the best idea.

“Should I use my phone before bed?”

This question has become common as mobile phones have earned a more important place in our everyday l...

Smartphone users tapping unlock button

Take A Closer Look At Mobile Fingerprint Technology

Discover how today’s smartphones harness the uniqueness of the fingerprint to provide convenient, high-security features.

Net10 offers all of the features and functions you’ve come to expect from the modern mobile experience at a price your w...

Man smiling at smartphone

Why You Should Use Your Smartphone’s Voice-To-Text Feature

Looking to simplify your Net10 mobile experience even further? Try your smartphone’s voice-to-text feature.

As an avid smartphone user, you deserve high-tech features that can make life easier. That’s why Net10 makes it simple to find flexibl...