QWERTY for Texting

These days, it seems like everyone is texting. In fact, many people admit that they text more often than they talk.

NET10 is here to make it easier for you if you like to text, too.

QWERTY phones with keypads laid out like miniature computer key...

Introducing the Samsung T404G

Like to talk? Like to text? Like to use your phone as a camera and video recorder?

You'll LOVE the new Samsung T404G from NET10.

It's sleek and lightweight, and fits nicely in your hand. The qwerty keyboard is perfect for texting, too!

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Free Samsung T201G

* Reconditioned
* FREE Accessory Kit
* Includes NET10 750 Minute Airtime Card (Talk, Text, Web/Email, 411 / 30 Access Days) ($25 value)
* Compact Flip Phone
* Built-in hands free speaker phone
* External Caller ID
* Buy Ringtones and more using...