Brightly colored phone screen against dark background

How LED Technology is Changing Smartphones

The differences between LCD vs. LED revolve around power, design, and cost.

While perusing the specs of the newest smartphones from Net10, you may have noticed two different display options: LCD and LED. The main difference comes down to the back...

Hand holding phone with Pokemon Go character in the camera viewfinder.

Your Guide to Augmented Reality

A whole new virtual world is at your fingertips.

Augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality – these terms seem to become more prevalent by the day. But what exactly do they mean in relation to your smartphone? Here, we’ll explore the b...

Picture of father and daughter smiling together

5 Photo Editing Apps to Make the Perfect Father's Day Gift

If you need a Father’s Day gift, edit, print, and frame a picture using these tips.

Mobile phone cameras are no longer just a bonus feature – they’re powerful, essential tools that capture those special moments with the most important peo...

Woman interacts with iPhone

Bring Your iPhone, Number, and Network to Net10 Wireless and Save

Love your iPhone? You can keep it and save money by switching to a Net10 plan.

You love your iPhone and wouldn’t want to sell it for the world, but your current carrier charges you too much for your monthly plan. Don’t break up with your iPho...

Man holding his wallet and counting money in front of a laptop screen.

Why Americans are Cutting the Cord With Traditional Service Providers

Across the country, people are breaking up with traditional, long-term contracts.

Americans are fed up with the high prices and endless fees and taxes of traditional cable, satellite, and wireless carriers. Maybe you’re paying too much for an a...