Pair Your Device to a Phone Speaker to Liven Up the Party

Mobile speakers are perfect for backyard BBQs, beachside fiestas, and other outdoor occasions.

Quick Answers: To find the best phone speaker, consider how and where you'll use it and choose accordingly, from a waterproof speaker for the beach to a built-in clip for a deep-woods hike.

Waterproof speaker

The summer season is sizzling and so are your tunes. But when you’re hosting an outdoor get-together or having some friends over at the pool, you need a way to amplify your music, setting the tone for fun under the sun. Fortunately, there are a number of portable phone speakers that complement every type of outdoor activity, from backyard BBQs to morning hikes through the wilderness. Below, we delve into the various types of wireless speakers that let you stream music right from your smartphone.

For the adventurer

You’re not the kind of person to huddle around an air conditioner when the weather really starts heating up. You’d rather tackle some of nature’s toughest trails, taking in the fresh air of the wild. For your listening pleasure, you should look for a Bluetooth speaker that features a clip. That way, you can affix the phone speaker to your backpack or belt loop, and let the good times roll.

For the pit-master

You're known throughout the neighborhood for your summer BBQs. As a frequent host of backyard shindigs, you need a phone speaker that offers a huge, dynamic range with a battery that lasts from the moment your guests arrive until the last few stragglers see their way out. Seek out speakers for phones that have built-in subwoofers for an extra dose of bass, ensuring everyone can feel the beat.

For the beachgoer

Look for rugged phone speakers resistant to mud, sand, and water.

The white sand beaches are calling your name. Answer back with a portable phone speaker made for life on the beach. Look for rugged phone speakers resistant to mud, sand, and water to help ensure that yours can accompany you from one beach outing to the next. You’ll also want a speaker with a long-lasting battery to see you from dawn until dusk.

Phone speaker in the great outdoors

For the camper

You love falling asleep under the stars and waking up with the sun. For you, there’s a compact Bluetooth speaker that not only fits in your travel luggage but can also recharge your dying device using its own battery. When you’re hanging out around the campfire roasting marshmallows and making memories, you can still listen to your favorite music.

Happy pairings

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