From Siri to Bixby, Here's Why AI Assistants are Better Than Ever

Learn about the latest smartphone artificial intelligence features.

If you’re shopping for a new smartphone, consider which AI assistant has the unique features you want: voice vs. button activation, ability to use with third-party apps, or access to the camera function.

Science fiction fans are no strangers to the idea of artificial intelligence. But to those who’ve never had a taste for the futuristic, the rapid rise of smartphones with minds of their own may come as a surprise. We’re already familiar with mobile AI in many forms thanks to Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, and Google Assistant, and the field is only growing. Read on to learn what these features have to offer and why you should take them into consideration when shopping for a smartphone.

Man holding smartphone with city in background at night

A new kind of conversation

Siri, one of the most mainstream artificially intelligent assistants, was first developed by a company of the same name and became the first smartphone AI to hit the streets for public use. The most enticing feature Siri’s technology brought to the table was that it allowed you to engage in a conversation with your very own device – smartphone owners could ask Siri questions, and she’d deliver the best possible answer according to a combination of web sources. But, interestingly enough, Siri’s original features were said to be more advanced before the technology was acquired by Apple – and even had a wittier attitude.

An expanding field

Bixby has made a mark with its innovative camera search function.

Siri’s AI competitors, including Google Assistant and Bixby, follow primarily in these same footsteps. They let smartphone users not only see their device as a tool, but also as a helpful companion. And although each of the competitors shares several handy functions – including voice search, text search, and reminders – they all offer a host of unique features as well.

For example, you can activate Google's and Apple’s assistants by voicing commands – “OK Google” and “Hey Siri,” respectively. Samsung, on the other hand, decided to take another route, providing each Bixby-equipped device with a unique activation button. Additionally, Google Assistant and Siri can each be used with certain third-party apps, like PayPal and Uber. Bixby has made a mark with its innovative camera search function, Vision, which can search for information about places and products, translate text, and more.

The right choice for you

We all use our smartphones in different ways, and as technology evolves, it’s important to keep an eye on these up-and-coming features to decide which AI assistant will work best for you. Once you’ve made your choice, browse our unlimited, no-contract plans, and activate today.