Take A Closer Look At Mobile Fingerprint Technology

Discover how today’s smartphones harness the uniqueness of the fingerprint to provide convenient, high-security features.

Net10 offers all of the features and functions you’ve come to expect from the modern mobile experience at a price your wallet will appreciate. That means you can find a brand-new smartphone outfitted with all the latest technologies – including the fingerprint sensor. Wondering how the modern fingerprint scanner works? We’ll dive into the details.

Smartphone users tapping unlock button

How it works

The fingerprint sensors in today’s devices work their magic with electronic components called capacitors

The fingerprint sensors in today’s phones and tablets work their magic with electronic components called capacitors. While older optical fingerprint scanners used actual images of fingerprints, capacitive fingerprint sensors read and record the unique electrical current your fingerprint delivers. When the ridges of your finger touch the sensor, tiny changes are registered by the circuit. Valleys in your fingerprint, on the other hand, produce little to no change. This allows modern fingerprint sensors to create and save very detailed fingerprint data that can then be compared to other fingerprints in the future.

Fingerprint features

The fingerprint sensor is known for its convenience as a device locking feature, but today’s scanners let you do much more than simply access your phone. Many popular mobile apps let you use the sensor to log into your account without typing in your email address and password. Some devices even let you take photos by simply tapping the fingerprint sensor, which can be much easier than hitting the on-screen shutter button when it comes time to set up the perfect selfie.

Security first

Fingerprint sensors are now considered an essential smartphone feature, and they’re one of the most popular modern security measures. Still, it’s important to remember that it’s not all your phone has to offer. Most of today’s high-quality phones feature several security features in order to please nearly any type of user. The passcode is one option that remains popular, because it’s both simple and reliable. Face and iris scanners are also gaining prominence. Using a combination of these technologies is typically recommended for best results, however, as no single security feature is invincible.

Savings without compromise

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