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Cell phone tower

Freedom To Choose Your Network For Any Net10 Plan

Find the information you need for the contract-free plan you’ve always wanted.

Contracts aren’t for everyone, and we get that. That’s why Net10 offers data-conscious cell phone users everything you love about your current network for less...

Person shows phone’s secure lock screen

How To Store Passwords And Account Info On Your Phone

Have you grown weary of complex password resets? You’ll never have to remember passwords again with these solutions.

From your electronic banking account to the tenth rewards card you signed up for this year, it seems like everything these days...

Woman talks on smartphone

The Best Free Calling Apps To Help You Stay Connected

Making free phone calls to friends and family is simple. Just download a free calling app, and get to talking.

So you’re already paired up with a great Net10 service plan with lots of high-speed data. But did you know you can actually make free...

Woman smiles while holding phone

Net10 Makes It Easy To Keep The Phone You Love When Switching

Moving between carriers doesn’t have to be scary. Discover just how easy it is to switch to Net10.

Okay. So you haven’t taken the plunge yet. We understand – switching to a new carrier can seem daunting and might even be a little intimidati...

Finger hovering over a cloud app icon on smartphone screen

Manage Your Phone’s Data With Cloud Storage Apps

Eliminate low-storage headaches with the right online tools.

You’re in the middle of taking a photo or downloading a new app when it happens — the dreaded “Not Enough Storage” notification appears. You’re forced to delete photos, videos...

A man wearing a smartwatch

3 Types Of Wearable Technology You Can Use With Your Phone

Supercharge your phone with wearable tech.

Today's smartphones do more than ever before. And with the advent of wearable technology, we're able to extend their capabilities even further. Wearable tech includes a huge range of devices that interac...

Movie theater

Make The Most Of The Movies With These Apps

Movie watching just got better with help from your phone.

There's something special about the movie theater experience, from the crowds of people to the salty popcorn. Not to mention the immersive surround sound and huge, high-definition screens....