Tips For Stopping Robocalls

Automated telemarketing calls are seldom more than an annoyance. Here’s how to stop them.

Quick answer: Prevent robocalls by adding your number to the Do Not Call Registry, employing integrated calling features, and downloading spam-blocker apps.

Think back to the landline’s heyday. Can you remember excitedly answering a call only to be greeted with a robotic voice introducing some sort of offer that was too good to be true? These types of calls – known as robocalls – are still a common issue, one that now plagues mobile phone users, too. Here, we’ll outline how to use modern technology to stop robocalls in three simple steps.

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What are robocalls?

Robocalls are any calls that are automatically dialed to deliver a prerecorded message.

Before we dig into prevention tactics, let’s explore what robocalls actually are. The term “robocall” refers to any call that’s automatically dialed to deliver a prerecorded message. While some robocalls, such as emergency notifications, are designed for convenience, many originate from telemarketers or political campaigns, which lends the term a sense of notoriety. And because robocalls have become such a prominent annoyance, both mobile carriers and governmental agencies have taken steps to curb them. Here’s how you can reduce the number of robocalls you may be receiving:

  1. Do Not Call: The National Do Not Call Registry accommodates mobile numbers in addition to land lines. Adding your number to the list will help keep telemarketers from calling your device when they’re not welcome. But bear in mind that adding your number to the list won’t necessarily fend off every robocall, as there are workarounds.
  2. Activate call features: Nowadays, most phones come standard with features that help you filter spam calls. Find these features by accessing your mobile device’s call settings. The exact nature of the features will vary from model to model, but settings you’re likely to see include the ability to block calls from private callers and the ability to block numbers that aren’t already saved as contacts. If you activate these features, you may need to adjust your call settings if you’re expecting a call from an unsaved contact. Make sure to let friends and family know so they remember to text you or call from a recognized number.
  3. Spam blocker apps: One final method for eliminating robocalls is to search for an app that can help block spam calls. These apps often deliver features beyond what your phone comes with, from the ability to browse user feedback concerning a given number to call-blocking features with more advanced targeting. Do your research before selecting an app, and only download from your official app store to help keep your sensitive information safe.
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