Why You Should Use Your Smartphone’s Voice-To-Text Feature

Looking to simplify your Net10 mobile experience even further? Try your smartphone’s voice-to-text feature.

As an avid smartphone user, you deserve high-tech features that can make life easier. That’s why Net10 makes it simple to find flexible mobile plans and feature-rich smartphones that meet the demands of everyday life.

One helpful feature that’s becoming more popular by the day is voice-to-text technology. True to its name, this simple innovation instantly translates your speech into text, making texting, taking notes, and other tasks that much quicker. Let’s explore how this advance can streamline your mobile experience.

Man smiling at smartphone

High-speed texting

Because text messaging is now a routine part of everyday life, it’s not unlikely that you’re shooting dozens of texts per hour to friends, family, and colleagues. But texting can take some time, and tapping out lengthy messages with your fingers can be a hassle – especially when your hands are busy with other tasks.

Voice text messaging lets you send these messages without having to type out a single word. Simply tap the voice-to-text icon on your device (it usually looks like a microphone), speak the message you’re looking to send, and then tap the send button just as you would with a message you had typed out. It's as simple as that.

More accurate notes

Voice-to-text doesn't just increase note-taking speed – it also helps reduce the likelihood of typos.

Texting isn’t the only way your voice-to-text function can come in handy – it also offers an incredibly convenient way to record notes, whether that’s in the form of a grocery list or an off-the-cuff idea you’d like to present to your boss at the next company meeting. You could always record these ideas by typing, but voice-to-text doesn't just increase note-taking speed – it also helps reduce the likelihood of typos. Plus, using voice-to-text tech lets you accomplish other errands, like cleaning or making dinner, while you brainstorm and dictate.

A natural flow

When you’re typing everything out, it’s easy to get caught up in the wording of a sentence. You might worry over a message sounding too casual or struggle with sentence structure in a way that you don't while speaking.

The solution? Talk it out. Using a voice-to-text app lets you whip up emails, text messages, and other communications while talking, which can lend these messages a much more natural flow. Just pretend you’re talking to the recipient, and you should have no trouble sending messages that get the job done.

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