A Quick Guide To Mobile Phone Etiquette In The Workplace

It’s important to focus on your work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t field an important call.

Quick answer: Before using your phone at work, make sure you understand your company’s policy. Plus, always be courteous, and take advantage of your breaks.

Most employers agree that cell phones in the workplace take a serious toll on productivity. Although that might seem like an indicator that it’s time to put down the phone and work on your next assignment, some things just can’t wait. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to use your phone at work without getting on the wrong side of management, or your coworkers.

Office workers checking phones during meeting

Know your policy

In today’s professional landscape, smartphones are essential, which makes phone policies equally important. If you’re planning to use your smartphone on the job, make sure you crack open the company handbook and read up on the cell phone policy first. Understanding the rules will help you avoid running into trouble with your phone use. If you believe you may need to use your phone more than is allowed, talk to a manger – just make sure you have a good reason.

Use breaks wisely

Breaks should offer plenty of time to catch up on messages from friends and family.

Work breaks are given for a reason – they offer convenient personal time that you can use however you’d like, whether that means stepping out to visit the coffee shop or simply lounging in the break room and reading a chapter of your favorite novel. These breaks should offer plenty of time to catch up on messages from friends and family, check social media, and play mobile games. Getting your phone fill on your own time makes it much less tempting to use it on the company’s.

Be courteous

Expecting a phone call? If you’re planning to answer it in the office, let your coworkers know ahead of time. This can help prevent any frustration that could arise from a distraction. Otherwise, find a moment to step out of the office.

When it comes to general phone courtesy, it’s never a bad idea to simply put your phone away while others are around. Keeping it out could suggest that you’re not fully paying attention to your job or a coworker, which might negatively impact your reputation in the office.

Shop smart

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